Institute of Thermal Engineering (IGT)

Institute of Thermal Engineering

Sustainable energies...

The Institute of Thermal Engineering works in close relation with the local economy in the fields of industrial energy & construction. The main focus is on energy efficiency and renewable energies. The Institute provides effective industrial solutions which are environmentally sound.

Institut IGT - HEIG-VD

Areas of expertise

Thermal processes laboratory

Training, assistance, inspection and expertise in industrial heating and related fields (combustion, water treatment, compressed air). The objective is to support system designers, installers and operators; to help them optimize efficiency, quality, safety and respect of the environment.

Nicolas Weber, Director of the Institute and Head of the Thermal Processes Lab

Industrial heating and cooling systems

Heat transfer, artificial cooling, heat pumps and multipurpose fluids (eg ice slurry, CO2 hydrate slurry, and Phase change materials (PCM).
Online measurement of thermophysical characteristics of multipurpose fluids (eg enthalpy, viscosity, heat conductivity, heat transfer coefficient, density).

Prof. Osmann Sari, head of this lab

Thermal system simulations

Modeling and industrial simulation of thermal systems; simulation of non-linear systems; development of new digital models; fluid dynamics; thermodynamics, industrial processes, and construction techniques.

Prof. Peter Egolf, head of this lab

Bioenergy industrial systems

Drying, torrefaction, pyrolysis, combustion; Dust filtration; Anaerobic digestion of organic waste;
Development of sensors and measurement methods; automation of thermal processes; heat and optical sensors.
The lab is equipped with combustion systems with different power levels, heat treatment ovens, and equipment for measuring pollutant emissions.

Prof. Jean-Bernard Michel, head of this lab

Solar Energy & Building Physics Lab

Development of solutions for the construction or renovation of buildings according to “high energy & environmental performance” standards.
Development and optimization of solar installations (heating, cooling, air conditioning); Dynamic simulations of buildings and complex HVAC and solar installations; Building energy performance
Minergie, Minergie-P and Minergie-ECO labels; Eco review of construction materials;
Support for eco-construction professional

Prof. Stéphane Citherlet, head of this lab