Institute of Micro & Nano Techniques (MNT)

Tiny components for big applications

The MNT Institute conducts applied research and develops related products and concepts. It also provides consulting, studies and very specific measurement services. The Institute works with extremely small, low-energy-consumption elements. It uses atomic force microscopy (AFM), scanning tunneling microscopy (STEM), and emerging physics technologies.

Applications include medical, biomedical, consumer products, automotive, cybernetics, and embedded systems.

Institut MNT - HEIG-VD

Areas of expertise

Embedded electronics

  • Embedded electronics
  • Connected Buildings Services  
  • Microsensors 

Transversal skills

  • Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)
  • Business & Innovation (start-up support)


  • Micro machining of glass using soft pneumatic abrasion
  • Glass-glass bonding 
  • Production of nano-structured thermoelectric generators
  • Manufacturing of carbon nanotube cold cathodes.
  • Micro-system fabrication technology 


  • Physical modeling and avant-garde industrial processes 
  • Renewable energies, microenergy
  • Energy harvesting 
  • Electrochemistry 

Applied Physics & Emerging Technologies

  • Physics and molecular plasma light sources
  • Magnetohydrodynamics (pump and MHD generators)
  • Applications of out of balance thermodynamics (Number of Croci: Publication)
  • Cylindrical symmetry x-ray sources

Special technologies and processes

  • Flexible thermoelectric micro-generators
  • Low-response time (< 1ms) temperature micro-probes
  • Thermal test benches for ultra-thin structures
  • Flexible, ultra-thin PCBs
  • Electrochemical nanocomposite film synthesis device
  • Micro-sanding set-up
  • Thermo-mechanical system for recovering lost heat (energy harvesting) 

MNT start-ups

Very high-energy-yield plasma system for industrial applications requiring simulation of solar radiation; for replacement of HMI and halogen bulbs.



Management and organization of common areas in rental complexes, office buildings and hotels.