Certificate of Advanced Studies HES-SO Intercultural Management in the Digital Age

Participant profile and benefits

The programme is designed for managers and team members in different functions and sectors. You will benefit in particular from this CAS, if you need to:

  • take on international roles

  • encourage a sense of belonging and inclusion in diverse teams

  • develop and maintain relationships with international partners

  • become an enabler of innovation and growth.

Programme content

The CAS is worth 12 ECTS credits and consists of four modules:

  • intercultural communication in the hybrid workplace (2 ETCS)
  • effective management of multicultural virtual teams (2 ETCS)
  • learning through intercultural collaboration (Field trip to Poland; 4 ETCS)
  • fostering creativity and innovation of intercultural teams in the hybrid workplace (2 ECTS)

+ e-portfolio (2 ECTS).

Faculty provide coaching for an e-portfolio alongside the four modules. The e-portfolio, which will include your professional development plan as an intercultural manager, should be submitted within 1 month after completing the modules. It will be evaluated by the CAS Directors and a member of the Advisory Board.

Blended learning

Three modules and portfolio coaching will be delivered virtually. The module “Learning through intercultural collaboration” will take place in Poland. Poland is a melting pot of East and West European mindsets. Polish firms and professionals have gone through many changes e.g., system transformation, European Union membership, global financial crises. Collaborations with international partners have enabled them to adapt and grow even when faced with uncertainty. During the field trip, you will meet industry leaders and gain further insight into the influence of a range of cultures on the management practice.

Virtual modules (A, B and D) will be held over 5 weeks and module C will take place over one week.

Your blended learning experience within the programme will include:

  • customised and flexible learning in a 5-month timeframe

  • autonomous individual learning alongside work in multicultural teams

  • peer coaching

  • direct contact with companies and international executives during online sessions and the field trip.