Bachelor Thèsis (TB) after SSSU

2019. Rodrigues Telo Ramos Vânia, Analysis of the internationalization process of Swiss SMEs in Japan with the collaboration of Switzerland Global Enterprise, two-month stay at Swiss Hub Japan, in collaboration with Switzerland Global Enterprise, scholarship granted by HES-SO

2017. Harry Delgado, The internationalization patterns and networking activities of Swiss SMEs in South Korea, two-month stay at the Science and Technology Office South Korea, scholarship granted by HES-SO

2017. Vincent Sacco, Creation of a Guanxi in China: implications for Western firms, six-month stay at the Shanghai University, scholarship granted by HES-SO

2016. René Duc, Etude de faisabilité d'une création d'une Chambre de Commerce du Brésil en Suisse Romande, in collaboration with Neves Avocats, Geneva

2016. Claudia Gaspar Fernando, Analyze the internationalization strategies of Swiss Borns Globals in Brazil to identify key success factors, two-month stay at swissnex Brazil, scholarship granted by HES-SO


Claudia Claudia Jahannot (Gaspar Fernando) who participated in the SSSU 2014 has co-written an article on Swiss born global firms in Brazil:

Prystupa, K., Lupina-Wegener, A., & Johannot, C. (2019). Lessons learned from Swiss born globals entering Brazil. Journal of Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies.