Course description

Date :

  • 1-12 July: Yverdon-les-Bains
  • 13-26 July: Shanghai

Courses will be delivered through team-teaching between Swiss and Chinese instructors. They will be composed of interactive, case-based courses, seminars, and workshops. Insights into cultural differences will be provided through shared experiences such as class discussions, group projects, or joint field trips. Students will work in mixed teams on a group project and various program-related assignments. Corporate visits will also be organized to facilitate the development of students’ global mind-set and their embrace of an ambicultural mode of management based on the “best-of-both” in host and local cultures (Chen and Miller, 2010, 2011). Overall, the program will be composed of four modules :

  • Module 1: Managing across cultures: doing business in Switzerland
  • Module 2: Emerging global powers and internationalization
  • Module 3: Managing across cultures: doing business in China
  • Module 4: Multinational corporations innovating in China