Sino-Swiss Summer University in Business Administration is led by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. YOU Jianxin, Prof. Dr. Anna Lupina-Wegener and Prof. Li Jie.

Dr. Jie Li is an Assistant Professor at the School of Management, Shanghai University. He obtained his Ph.D. degree from Osaka University in 2015. His research interests centres around employee proactive behaviours (present: voice, taking charge, and job crafting), newcomer socialization (present: newcomers' extra-role behaviours), and cultural differences (present: face consciousness and guanxi). His work has been published in such journals as the Journal of Business Ethics, Personality and Individual Differences, and the Japanese Journal of Administrative Science.

Prof. Dr. ANNA LUPINA-WEGENER at the Haute Ecole d'Ingénierie et de Gestion du Canton de Vaud. She was previously a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Geneva (2006-2010), and she obtained her doctorate at the Warsaw School of Economics (2005). Prof. Dr. Anna Lupina-Wegener was a lecturer at the University of Geneva (2011/2012). She has also been a guest lecturer on cross-cultural management at the Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg, Russia, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Portugal and University of Warsaw.

Prof. Dr. Anna Lupina-Wegener’s key research interests relate to management issues in emerging economies: socio-cultural issues in mergers and acquisitions (HRM in Polish M&As; Merging in Mexico), managing multicultural teams (present: case of Chinese MNCs in Europe, Emerging-Market Banks in Europe), academic integrity (case of higher education institutions in Poland and Ukraine). Prof. Dr. Anna Lupina-Wegener’s research has been internationally published and presented at conferences.

Guest speakers

Prof. Dr. Vincenzo Pallotta, professor of entrepreneurship at HEIG-VD

Prof. Dr. Patricia Pullin, professor and researcher in English as a Lingua Franca at HEIG-VD

Prof. Dr. Céline Ehrwein Nihan, HEIG-VD, Member of Parliament in the State of Vaud

François Cornu, Senior Project Director for the Economic Development State of Vaud (DEV)

Dara Saied, purchasing manager at Volvo Cars