SSSU-IM is a bachelor level course which serves the Business & Engineering departments and targets second- and third-year students (third- and fourth-year for part-time students) who want to:

  • take part in an international experience
  • work in an international environment
  • gain insights in the management of cultural differences
  • be ambassadors for Switzerland and the HEIG-VD abroad
  • share their experience with foreign students
  • develop their interpersonal skills
  • expand their international network

In addition, participation in the SSSU-IM allows students to build and expand their professional network. It has enabled many students to find work and internships in Asia or Europe (for Chinese) thanks to contacts made locally. As such, some Chinese students returned to Switzerland for their master degrees, and Swiss students carried out their Bachelor Thesis abroad, for example in Brazil, China, Japan, Korea.

After completing the Sino-Swiss Summer University, students can join a group of over 100 alumni composed of all former Sino-Swiss participants in this course, as well as remain in contact with our business partners.

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Some testimonies of former participants :

First, what I gained most during the summer school are friends and vision. Although the project ended over a year ago, we are all still in contact. Second, it was the first time I’d spent so much time abroad. It made me realize that there are many interesting people and cultures outside our country. My language skills improved during this period and now I use English more easily in daily conversations. Finally, it also indirectly helped me find an internship in American and German Fortune 500 enterprises.
Summer University has made me aware of the differences in culture, ways of living, thinking and doing business, which is a crucial aspect when it comes to working together in our global economy. It was also the first time I left Europe, and I am very happy about it because my field of study is very international – it makes it easier for me to approach people from different cultures and to adapt my communication or gestures when I see that they do not understand or are uncomfortable.
Summer University is so far away but it is so close and engraved in my memory. Thanks to the programme, our group was able to visit several companies in Switzerland and China, which was very rewarding. Working with students from another culture has allowed us to be very open-minded.
On a professional level, I was able to value this experience in each of my interviews and it allowed me to use cultural differences as assets. An international and intercultural experience of this magnitude is invaluable. I have many fond memories of our experience of this summer 2014, for life.
I attended the Sino Swiss Summer University during the Summer of 2018. I had always been drawn to Chinese culture and was eager to discover it from a more managerial and professional standpoint. This experience brought me so much, from learning to deal with cross-cultural management to approaching a new market so different from the Swiss one. I also met with countless Swiss and Chinese professionals which was a crucial turning point in my professional life, learning how to create a network and connect with people. Even on a more personal level, I had an amazing time bonding with my Chinese peers and making friends across the globe. I would advise any student to take this chance and to enjoy this one-of-a-kind moment. I’ll always be grateful for my Summer University experience, thanks to Anna Lupina-Wegener and her team.