The Sino-Swiss Summer University serves the HEG and COMEM departments and targets second- and third-year students (third- and fourth-year for part-time students) who:

  • want to take part in an international experience
  • have the ambition to work in an international environment
  • want to get insights into management of cultural differences
  • want to be ambassadors of Switzerland and the HEIG-VD abroad
  • want to share their experiences with foreign students
  • want to develop their interpersonal skills
  • want to develop their network internationally

Some testimonies of former participants

Swiss participant 2016:
[SSSU] is one of the best and enriching experiences of my life, I have learned a lot about another culture that interests me a lot. And I believe that I have become more aware and have widened my horizons… [it is] something that will help me throughout my social and professional life.

Chinese participant 2016:
I have learned a lot from the Summer University: it was my first time to do teamwork and speak English for a month with foreign students, as well as visit different types of companies. I really appreciate that I have had the opportunity to participate in this great Summer University.

Swiss participant 2015:
It was a real pleasure for me to take part in this exchange! If I could have this opportunity in the future, I would re-take the Summer University without hesitating. We learned a lot about both Chinese and Swiss cultures. And now we have a lot of new friends!

Chinese participant 2015:
It's really nice to meet so many great people during this Summer University. I think it will be the most wonderful experience in my life. I have learned a lot of things through lectures, visits, discussions. Also, contacts with Swiss friends helped me develop an international mind-set and broaden my horizons. What impressed me most during this project are all my Swiss and Chinese friends….