Institute for Information and Communication Technologies

From idea to achievement

One institute,
100 employees,
6 main research areas


The Institute for Information and Communication Technologies (IICT) is the largest research Institute of the HEIG-VD University of Applied Sciences. It covers all areas in IT and telecommunications.  

Each year, IICT carries out more than 50 applied research and development projects, often in collaboration with partners from industry.

The Institute has generated 4 start-ups since 2007.

Head of the Institute

M. Jürgen Ehrensberger

+41 (0)24 557 62 90

A need, an idea, a project?

Main research areas

Software Engineering

Development of software solutions and complex information systems. Our research activities include the development of mobile applications, web applications, cloud computing solutions and service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Intelligent Data Analysis

Development of techniques and tools for the analysis of large amounts of distributed and heterogeneous data, to uncover hidden trends and to create predictive models for decision-making. Our solutions are based on a variety of techniques for information retrieval, machine learning, data mining and bio-inspired algorithms.

Security and Networking

This area includes all the expertise in computer security and network technologies required for the conception, design, evaluation and implementation of high-performance and secure business information systems. Our research activities include, in particular, industrial cryptography, cybercrime, software security, protection against reverse engineering, network security and the analysis and performance optimization of IT infrastructures.

Advanced Communication Systems

Design and development of low cost and low power communications solutions. Our activities include the design, development, testing and measurements related to applied electromagnetics, RF communications, the Internet and Web of Things (WoT) technologies.

Big Data

A cross-cutting research program to develop Big Data technologies. It combines the expertise from a variety of fields such as information retrieval, data exploration, machine learning, bio-inspired algorithms, cloud computing and networking.

Health and Engineering

This cross-cutting program aims at bringing together experts from the fields of health and engineering for joint applied research projects, development of new products, higher education programs and the creation of start-ups. The program is a joint initiative of HEIG-VD and the University of Health Sciences (HESAV), Lausanne.