Swiss Welding Institute

The Swiss Institute for Welding

A favored partner of the School of Management and Engineering Vaud (HEIG-VD), 
37 employees

Logo SWIThe objectives of the Swiss Welding Institute (SWI) are promoting and developing the quality and safety of welded joints. To achieve these objectives, the SWI pursues training missions, development mandates, and applied research projects serving local, regional and national companies. 
The SWI offers and realizes:
•    Internationally recognised theoretical and practical training;
•    Certification of welders in collaboration with the Swiss Association for Welding Techniques
•    Direct services to SMEs and to companies: mandates, expertise, internal advice and training;
•    Applied Research and Development projects co-financed by public funds, industry, associations or private foundations.

The Swiss Welding Institute is a Swiss foundation linked to the HEIG-VD and CeTT (Centre for Engineering and Technology Transfer). With its status as a foundation, the SWI preserves its independence and it can impartially offer solutions tailored to its customer's expectations.

The main areas of activity are welding metallurgy, design, setting welding parameters and manufacturing.
The SWI is a member of various organizations and associations:
•    ARS - Association Romande of Welding
•    IIS-IIW - International Institute of Welding
•    EWF - European Federation for Welding, Cutting and Joining
•    SZS - Swiss Centre for Steel Construction

Head of the SWI

Jean-Michel Martin
+41 (0)24 557 63 28

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Main research areas

Theorical training

The SWI is the undisputed leader in welding training in Western Switzerland. It is the only institution in Switzerland to offer training in French that is recognised in more than 50 countries. The SWI delivers the following titles:
•    International Welding Engineer IWE
•    International Welding Technologist IWT
•    International Welding Specialist IWS
•    International Welding Practitioner IWP
•    International welder IW

The SWI also offers short-term training courses.

Welding Parameters and Production

Research, optimization and definition of welding parameters, in order to produce high quality assemblies at a high rate, are mandates that the industry regularly assigns to SWI. It has developed expertise on the following welding and soldering processes:
•    Arc Welding (Microplasma, MMA, TIG, MIG/MAG, Submerged)
•    High Energy Welding (laser and electron beam)
•    Magnetic Pulse Welding
•    Resistance Welding
•    Ultrasonic Welding
•    Brazing by flame, induction, resistance, gas shielded and vacuum

Practical Training and Certification

The practical training of welders is one of the priorities of the SWI. Each year, individuals and professionals attend over 10,000 hours of lectures in the Practical Training Centre of the SWI. The vast majority of participants finalise their training with a welding certificate.

Welding Metallurgy & Design

The joinability of metals, heterogeneous welding, ceramic brazing, hot and cold cracking, and the fatigue behaviour of welded joints are all areas where the experience of SWI, combined with the laboratory resources of HEIG-VD, can meet most demands of the industry.