Institute of Information & Communication Technology (IICT)

From concept to production...

The IICT institute is HEIG-VD’s largest research institute. It covers all IT and telecoms fields, including software engineering, intelligent data analysis and security, as well as communication networks and advanced communication systems.

IICT performs a great number of AR&D projects, often in collaboration with industrial partners.

Institut IICT - HEIG-VD

Areas of expertise

Software engineering

Development of software solutions and complex information systems. Our research covers such areas as web applications, mobile apps, cloud computing solutions and software-oriented architecture (SOA).

Intelligent data analysis

Development of techniques and tools for analyzing large quantities of disparate data, in order to discover hidden trends, and to build decision-making models. Our solutions are based on a information research techniques, automatic learning, data exploration, and bio-inspired algorithms.

Security & Networks

This field brings together the security and network technology skills needed to design, evaluate and develop secure, high-performance business information systems. Our research includes: industrial cryptography, cybercrime, software security, protection against reverse engineering, network security, and Infrastructure performance.

Advanced communication systems

Design and development of low-cost, low-power communication solutions. Our work includes design, development, testing and measurement of technologies involving applied electromagnetism, RF communications, the internet, and the Web of things.

Big Data

Transversal research program on the development of Big data technologies. Apache Hadoop, NoSQL, Performance, Data mining, Business intelligence, Visualization, Data analysis.

Engineering & Health

Transversal research program combining IT Telecoms & Healthcare.