Institute of Reconfigurable & Embedded Digital Systems (REDS)

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The Institute of Reconfigurable & Embedded Digital Systems (REDS) has a range of expertise in AR&D of high-performance onboard systems. This expertise is divided into three broad areas of focus described below. The systems developed generally combine ARM processor with an FPGA for efficient processing. Designing such platforms requires expertise in both hardware (eg PCB and FPGA) and software (eg Linux drivers, OS porting, wireless communications, onboard applications).

The Institute maintains close ties with industry but also conducts research. It has carried out many industrial, national and European projects.

A few examples:

  • a 26-layer FPGA card with 32 high-speed 10Gb/s links, including several connected to optical transceivers;
  • a multi-OS virtualization platform
  • a file system for satellites
  • a guitar pitch detector
  • optimization of genomic data processing on FPGA.

Institut REDS - HEIG-VD

Areas of expertise

Speeding up information processing

  • Development of processing accelerators
  • Hardware optimization software
  • Very high-speed broadband
  • High-level synthesis

Management of mixed hardware environments

  • Software development for mixed hardware
  • Software partitioning for divergent targets
  • Optimized performance and consumption of hardware resources
  • Middleware, OS and virtualization for onboard systems


Complete design of onboard systems

  • Design of complex onboard systems
  • Integration of different devices (eg communication, memory, sensors)
  • Development of specific software environments
  • Board Support Package for hardware and software
  • SoC-FPGA systems