visuel de présentation de l'infrastructure Labo ReIne (Réseaux Intelligents)


With the challenges of the energy transition (development of renewable energies and reduction of fossil sources) the electric network is changing fast. Smarter grids are defined as power distribution networks that use advanced technologies to monitor and manage the transport of electrical energy from all generation sources to meet the varying demands of end users.

One of their main objectives is to integrate distributed generation from renewable sources into the low-voltage network while ensuring the quality and reliability of the electricity supply.

To achieve this goal, it is essential to have active consumers, or prosumers, who can adjust their demand and production according to the power grid conditions and electricity market newly designed or deregulated. The LaboReIne is a unique facility that enables the study of different configurations of low voltage (LV) and medium voltage (MV) distribution grids.

It consists of a reconfigurable LV grid with 9 lines and buses, which can emulate various configuration of local grids. Our lab allows implementation and validation tests of power devices as well as optimization and control methods under strong uncertainties.



Labo ReIne
Route de Cheseaux 1, 1400 Yverdon‑les‑Bains

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