The SWI foundation is a nonprofit organization that promotes and develops the quality and safety of welded assemblies. To achieve these objectives, the SWI provides training and certification, and conducts applied research & development projects for regional and national businesses. This includes:

  • International theoretical and practical trainings in welding and electronic soldering,
  • Welding, brazing and electronic soldering certifications,
  • R&D projects co-financed with public, industrial or public funds.
  • Services to companies (eg consulting and training) such as :
    • Quality and standards linked to welding
    • Expertise of the welded / brazed assemblies
    • Expertise of the soldering and crimping of electronic components
    • Welding parameters and integration of the manufacturing processes
  • Performing tests with its own equipment for :
    • Manual brazing or welding (TIG, MAG/MIG, MMA, micro plasma, OAW)
    • Automated welding on tilting bench or rotary positioner
    • Submerged arc welding
    • Spot welding (P max = 210 kVA)
    • Laser welding metal / polymer (4 axes, pulsed fiber laser 1.5 kW)
    • Glovebox welding under inert atmosphere (argon O2 < 2 ppm)
    • Induction brazing
    • Diffusion bonding in high vacuum oven and vacuum brazing
    • Heat treatment in vacuum oven (< 1240 °C)
    • Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres - Neutral Salt Spray tests

The Swiss Welding Institute is an independent organization. It is a nonprofit public interest foundation as defined by Articles 80 and following of the Swiss Civil Code. It is operated by welding professionals. Under the foundation’s bylaws, its Board includes representatives of the market, government and non-government bodies, and the academic community.

For professionals or non, SWI is a certification body which issues certificates in the field of welding, brazing and electronic assembly to individuals who request them and meet the requirements of the standards in force. For the companies, SWI is a testing laboratory for the qualification of welding and brazing processes.

SWI is a member of:

  • IIW - International Institute of Welding
  • EWF - European Federation for Welding, Cutting and Joining
  • IPC Association Connecting Electronics Industries

Areas of expertise

Accreditations and partners