Business Administration

HES-SO B.S. in Business Administration


For full-time students, this program lasts six semesters. For students working simultaneously in the profession, the program lasts eight semesters. Students can also enroll on a part-time basis. The learner acquires scientific knowledge and skills needed to manage a business. The focus is on practical issues. Knowledge is acquired progressively through specific modules. At the end of the core program, the student devotes one day a week to a major area (Management & Business development, Corporate finance, Innovation & Marketing, Human resources) and may also take secondary options.


By the end of the program, the learner will be a highly qualified, fully operational professional with up-to-date management expertise.

The Business economist

  • has a strategic vision
  • understands what is at stake in each situation
  • takes a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach
  • uses the analytic and management tools to solve concrete problems
  • develops entrepreneurial spirit based on commitment, creativity, innovation and flexibility
  • achieves ambitious objectives