Interdisciplinary Institute of Business development (IIDE)

Interdisciplinary Institute of Business development

Develop, innovate, transfer, manage and seek excellence

The Interdisciplinary Institute of Business development (French: IIDE) capitalizes on the experience of experts to serve businesses and public organizations. The Institute’s technical, methodological and scientific know-how enables it to provide high value-added service to the business community of Western Switzerland. Backed by an extensive network, the Institute’s research teams are ready to take on any challenge.

Areas of expertise

Finance & Corporate Governance

  • Financial reporting
  • Business governance
  • Business evaluation and transfer
  • Management control

Marketing & Innovation Management

  • Business development support
  • ​​Technological management
  • Interdisciplinary approach to developing products and services

Human Resources, Organization & Leadership

  • HR strategy, processes and policy
  • Management and assessment of individual and collective performance
  • Leadership
  • Occupational health
  • Management quality: diagnosis and support
  • Change management

Sustainable development

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Ecodesign
  • Product life cycle & environmental management
  • Sustainable development strategy
  • Corporate ethics & multivariate analysis

Business creation and development

  • Support start-up
  • Identify promising business targets
  • Determine strategic areas for development
  • Build effective, well-targeted communication

Intercultural management

  • Analysis of cross-cultural issues when doing business in another country
  • Managing multicultural teams
  • Transnational M&A: developing a common corporate identity