Applied Research & Development Centre

Applied Research & Development, Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre

HEIG-VD has set up a support structure for our Applied R&D institutes:  the Applied R&D, Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre. It helps guide companies to the institute that can provide the right solutions for the problems concerned, to develop a technological project or obtain a service. The institutes can then focus on their specific skills.

The Applied R&D Centre manages projects by assisting with contractual and  intellectual property aspects and helping to realise their potential. It also provides access to sources of co-funding, on a regional, national and European level.

Business aspects

  • Partnership with institutes
    If you don't know who to contact directly, the Applied R&D Centre examines your request in detail and then puts you in touch with the institutes, to create new products and/or services with the support of their multi-disciplinary technological expertise.

  • Innovation and know-how
    Through our Applied Research & Development, you can acquire new technologies and/or management methods, new concepts or technology transfers to develop your competitiveness and increase your potential for innovation.

  • Co-funding
    Our Applied R&D Centre helps you find sources of funding and co-funding on a canton, national and European level.

For the institutes

  • Project Management
    The Applied R&D Centre provides the institutes with a general framework for the preparation, negotiation, financial management and commercial development of projects.
  • Project analysis
    The Centre's management system ensures the rigorous and effective scientific, technical and financial analysis of projects.
  • Project development
    The Centre manages the intellectual property and visibility of Applied R&D activities as well as technology transfer.
  • Legal support
    The Centre offers assistance with contracts and agreements relating to Applied R&D activities.
  • Coaching for start-ups
    We offer coaching for start-ups, risk-sharing and business partnerships.