Media Engineering Institute (MEI)

Revolution, transition, innovation, transformation, disruption…

There is a myriad of terms to describe the changing role of information in today’s society. These changes are shaking up the media and corporate communication, as well as business activities, products and services.

Director of the institute: Prof. Daniel Rappo

The Institute

The Media Engineering Institute (MEI) is part of the COMEM+ department at HEIG-VD (The School of Management and Engineering, Vaud) in Western Switzerland. The Institute works on digital communication technologies, innovative applications, and the emergence of responsible digital management.

Areas of expertise

The MEI conducts applied research in our professors’ different areas of expertise. The MEI also works on joint projects with other academic institutions in Switzerland and abroad. In addition, the Institute provides services to companies, maintaining close ties with the business world and staying in touch with operational realities.

Serious Games & EdTech

Contact : Prof. Dominique Jaccard

Albasim Research Group (projects, publications, references)

  • Serious games
  • Training simulations
  • Innovative training systems
  • Integrating digital media into training
  • Learning analytics
  • Digital training platforms
Open to collaborative work on virtual reality applied to education

Data visualisation

Profile: People@HES-SO

Contact : Prof. Olivier Ertz

Mediamaps Research Team with Prof. Jens Ingensand (insit institute)

  • Citizen and participatory mapping
  • Public data visualization
  • Geographic information systems
  • Geolocation services and mobile apps
  • Augmented reality

User experience & digital humanities

Contact : Prof. Laurent Bolli

  • New user experience, prospective UX
  • Artificial intelligence for cultural heritage
  • Augmented museography in collaboration with EPFL and Artlab
  • Interface design and testing
  • Accessibility

Digital strategy

Contact : Prof. Arnaud Dufour

  • Strategic marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Marketing technologies
  • Omnichannel customer experience
  • Marketing data
  • Online advertising and social networks
  • Luxury marketing

Other areas

Business & process modelling

Contact : Dr. Gabor Maksay

  • Business model canvas (with Prof. Yves Pigneur, HEC - UNIL)
  • Innovation, entrepreneurship, and intrapreneurship
  • Accessibility 
  • Business process model and notation (BPMN)
  • Training media technologies

Content management

Contact : Prof. Jean-Marc Seydoux

  • Semantic structure (XML)
  • Hierarchical databases
  • Automated processing
  • Crossmedia
  • Polypublishing

Creative Technologies

Contact : Prof.Cécile Bucher

  • Creative coding
  • Multi-screen visualizationsInteractive Installations
  • Physical computing
  • Tangible Interfaces
  • Media Arts

Marketing in public health

Saskia Faulk is working on a doctoral thesis on Marketing in public health at the University of Plymouth.  Previously, he worked on tourism marketing and intercultural marketing.