Computer Science & Engineering

HES-SO B.S. in Computer Science & Engineering



Computer Science is at the heart of deep technological and social changes which have been affecting our daily lives for a quarter of a century. Computer Science is omnipresent. In fact, we may soon be seeing the disappearance of the computer as we know it, as more and more computing functions into other devices around us. To meet the industrial needs created by this situation, our IT training is divided into three main areas: Software (design, modeling and development of applications); Onboard systems (design and development of onboard devices), and Management Systems (work-study or part-time study only).



Computer Science is the fifth biggest economic sector in Switzerland, representing over 5% of the country’s wealth. And this is just the beginning of growth. Computer Science must meet steadily growing demand in several fields, including transport (safe, effective greener mobility), health (autonomy for the elderly), energy (smart power management), economy (innovating across sectors), and data protection (safe network use).

Career outlook


In the current global economy, Switzerland, like other developed countries, must focus on producing higher technological added value. However, according to a recent Federal Council report, Switzerland actually has a significant shortage of Computer Science specialists. Virtually every field of industry and applied research has IT needs and so an IT graduate should be able to find a position as a developer and work her or his way up to project leader and solution architect.