Energy & Environmental Engineering

HES-SO B.S. in Energy & Environmental Engineering




This six-semester program provides technical skills, methodology and modeling techniques specific to the energy industry and the field of environmental protection. The program is jointly run by HEIG-VD and HES-SO Valais. There are 5 possible majors. The majors offered by HEIG-VD are: Building energy, Industrial heating, Thermotronics. The majors offered by HES-SO Valais are: Renewable energies, and Smart grid.



The energy issues which society must face are enormous. Solutions will include increased use of renewable energies, and improvement in the efficiency of energy production and consumption (buildings, industry, transport). Responsibility for these changes will fall upon qualified engineers with state-of-the-art expertise in energy and the environment. 

Career outlook

Energy & Environmental engineers research, develop and implement complex systems such as hydraulic installations, solar panels, solar-powered cooling, micro-turbines, heat pumps, and energy storage systems. They work in the fields of energy production, transport, and consumption. They may be responsible for a production site or a consumption installation. They may manage maintenance and operational teams.