Engineering and Management

HES-SO B.S. In Engineering and Management




This industrial program, the only one of its kind in Western Switzerland, provides technical and business know-how, as well as managerial and relational skills.

This cross-disciplinary program turns out engineers for management positions in areas such as project coordination, production, supply chain, purchasing, maintenance and quality.



Industry needs efficient, reactive, high-performance Engineering managers. Engineers in leadership positions face multiple challenges: competition, innovation, globalization, environmental constraints and shareholder demands.

The Engineering manager applies a systematic approach, aiming to achieve overall performance based on complex data and hypotheses which may be interdependent or divergent.

Career outlook


The Management engineer is ready for local and international challenges. The Management engineer is multi-skilled and adaptable. He or she understands both the world of business and the world of engineering, and acts as the interface between these two worlds. This versatility opens up a wide range of career opportunities.