HES-SO B.S. in Geomatics


The BE & G department provides training to manage the development issues of our society. Students learn to create and manage structured geographic data which is necessary for spatial planning and quality of life. The skills acquired can be used to maintain infrastructures and optimize resources to preserve our environmental capital.

The department offers three majors, based on core scientific and professional foundations:

  • Geomatics and Spatial Planning (GLP) focuses on acquisition and management of geodesic and cartographic data. It also covers topometric methods, including lasergrammetry, photogrammetry, and GNSS. Examples of applications include spatial planning and development, as well as surveillance of civil engineering works.
  • Our major in Construction and Infrastructure takes a multidisciplinary approach to designing, building, renovating or maintaining our nation’s infrastructure and buildings. Investments and services in this area represent over CHF 60bn per year.
  • Environmental Engineering ensures compatibility between two apparently conflicting needs. On the one hand, we must build, maintain and develop infrastructures; and plan the development of our towns and local communities. On the other hand, we must use resources responsibility, preserve our landscape, protect our water and soil, and manage our waste.

At the end of the Bachelor’s program, students may decide to further specialize in geomatics, environmental studies, civil engineering or urban planning, with a Master’s degree in Spatial Planning from HES-SO.