Media Engineering

HES-SO B.S. In Media Engineering


This department prepares future managers to develop and manage media products.

A media product is any digital, or analog medium for broadcasting content from one or more sources to one or more receivers. Modern media are often interactive. A media product is composed of media sub-products.

A web site, a documentary, a blog, a mobile app or a tweet are all examples of media sub-products.

The program involves a mix of communication, marketing; management and technology studies, enabling our students to develop a systematic cross-disciplinary approach.

Communication, an ongoing challenge


Media production and communication tools have become increasingly available to the general public over the last several years. From a purely technical point of view, virtually any amateur can now produce relatively high-quality material.

However, it takes a well-trained professional to develop and manage effective media products that get results.

This degree program, based on partnerships with key players in the market, develops skill and professionalism. A modern pedagogical approach with concrete case studies prepares students for the profession. In particular, third-year students get to work on actual projects with corporate partners.

These projects are the culmination of the program, allowing the students to demonstrate their cross-disciplinary skills and autonomy in a real situation.