Systems Engineering

HES-SO B.S. in Systems Engineering




This is a six-semester program (eight semesters work-study or part-time). It provides the scientific knowledge and skills required in fields such as machinery, materials, energy, mechanics, electricity, electronics and IT This Bachelor’s degree program has one major: Design. The Systems Engineering program provides the skills to design any type of component or system for any industrial process. The System engineer is prepared to work with representatives of every industry. She or he constantly seeks new solutions. She or he is a generalist with theoretical and practical multidisciplinary knowledge.



The challenge of the Industrial Systems engineer is to design industrial production systems, and energy or materials distribution systems which respect sustainable development principles. He or she will seek to develop technologies which attenuate human impact on the environment.

Career outlook


There are a great many fields of application (eg machinery, industrial production, packaging, process management, energy distribution, precision mechanics, aerospace, biomedical). Graduates can look forward to such positions as R&D staff, production engineer, project manager, sales engineer and quality manager.