HES-SO M.S. in Engineering

The five engineering sites of the HES-SO, including the HEIG-VD, jointly offer an MS. In Engineering (HES-SO//MSE) and work closely with six other Swiss public specialized universities.

The HES-SO M.S. in Engineering program is intended for the top graduates from the HSE BS program in Engineering. Established in 2009, the program offers two majors:

  • Industrial Technologies
  • Information & Communication Technology (ICT) 

Judging by the number of applicants, this program has been highly successful. It is open to both full time and part-time students. The HES-SO M.S. in Engineering develops technical, scientific, methodological and entrepreneurial skills. Graduates are ready to take on leadership positions in their companies, such as project managers.

The curriculum has 3 parts, worth 30 credits each.

  • Theoretical development 
  • Practical development 
  • Master's thesis on an actual corporate R&D project

The program typically lasts 3 semesters full time, and 5 semesters part-time.

What distinguishes the HES-SO M.S. In Engineering:

  • it meets the needs of the job market, especially small and medium-size businesses; 
  • it emphasizes practical professional skills; 
  • students benefit from a low student-teacher ratio; 
  • students help plan the modules.