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An institute at the crossroads of the digital, cultural and scientific worlds.

Within the COMEM+ department, the Media Engineering Institute (MEI) works on digital communication technologies, the innovative applications made possible, emerging uses and responsible digital management. This work is divided into numerous transversal projects, with interdisciplinarity as the watchword.


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The MEI brings together around twenty professors and specialised scientific collaborators. Listening to developments linked to scientific research and the market, the institute bases its development in particular on the renewal and growth of research teams, with the arrival of new professors and assistants.

Applied Research & Development (Ra&D)

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The activities of the MEI seek to clear and explore new territories of digital communication. They are currently organised around four areas of expertise, each led by a specialised teacher:


These areas of expertise are constantly evolving based on scientific advances and market concerns. The development of artificial intelligence, for example, profoundly affects digital communication tools. The MEI undertakes to proactively position itself on the possible uses of AI in this area and on the questions raised by these technologies. Digital humanities are also a central area of digital applications. Current technologies make it possible to rediscover and promote historical, artistic and cultural heritage in an innovative way, whether public or private.

Areas of expertise

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Geoinformation & Visualization

  • Citizen and participatory mapping
  • Public data visualization
  • Collaborative geographic information systems
  • Mobile applications and geolocation services
  • Augmented reality

Mediamaps research group, with Prof. Jens Ingensand (INSIT Institut)

Portrait Olivier Ertz
Olivier Ertz

Associate Professor HES

Serious Games & EdTech

  • Serious games
  • Educational simulations
  • Innovative teaching methods
  • Integrating digital technology into education
  • Learning analytics
  • Digital teaching platforms

Research group Albasim

Portrait Dominique Jaccard
Dominique Jaccard

Ordinary Professor HES

Digital strategy

  • Strategic marketing
  • E-Commerce
  • Marketing technologies
  • Omnichannel customer experience
  • Marketing data
  • Online advertising and social networks
  • Ethical communication 
Portrait Arnaud Dufour
Arnaud Dufour

Associate Professor HES

Users & Interfaces

  • UX prospective and HMI
  • Design thinking and the ideation process
  • PoC and user testing (laboratory)
  • Application of AI to public and private cultural heritage
  • Application of AI to the attention economy
  • Digital culture; new museography; Art and Science projects
Portrait Laurent Bolli
Laurent Bolli

Associate Professor HES