Standardization related activities

The Mediamaps synergy focuses on issues relating to development and use of information management standards.

Standardization / National


At national level, MEI researchers contribute to the specialised information management group of eCH, the organisation responsible for establishing Swiss eGovernment standards.

This is achieved by carrying out projects that address issues of concern to the following bodies: Swisstopo, KOGIS, KKGEO, eCH, etc.

20211022-Axe de recherche géoinformation-96


Supporting the revision of the eCH-0056 standard and running workshops with Swiss geoinformation stakeholders.

See the recommendations document


Standards for augmented reality and geoinformation: state of the art on augmented reality standards, with a view to possible convergence with geoinformation standards.

See the document


Recommendation on the development of representation models for minimum geodata models (MDGM).

See the recommendations document


eCH-0118 GML encoding rules for INTERLIS

See standard version 2.0 Approved 09.09.2016

Symboles géologiques

Feasibility study on the use of OGC SLD/SE standards for Swiss geological symbols.

See "the 10 geological symbols" report

Standardization / International

ogc_associate_memberAt international level, within the Open Geospatial Consortium, these activities mainly concern the interoperability of cartographic representations. These activities enable us to develop expertise that has already helped to address national issues.

For the past 10 years, this work has been carried out in collaboration with our LabSTICC partner, DECIDE team, CNRS - UMR 6285 (Dr. Erwan Bocher, Gwendall Petit) which is responsible for developing the OrbisGISresearch platform.


15.10.2020, a small step for OGC...

SymCore is the result of a long collaboration between various teams at HEIG-VD and CNRS, and is voted to the Open Geospatial Consortium, much to our satisfaction!

Read more:

Il était une fois... SymCore!


Towards a modular and extensible symbology model for use in the OGC core set of standards for cartographic representation of geospatial data and online mapping services.



Towards an OGC standardisation of a future vector tile model.