Institute of Embedded Information Systems (MIS)

One central theme: low-consumption mobile IS...

The Institute of Embedded Information Systems is specialized in multi-modal interfaces, RF communications, metaheuristic optimization, and real-time operating systems (RTOS).

The institute develops products considering materials costs, consumption, autonomy, and real-tile behavior, mainly in three fields: biomedical, occupational safety, and energy management.

Institut MIS - HEIG-VD

Areas of expertise

User interaction

Multi-sensor systems integrating vision, sound and other physical measurements in machines and other objects around us. The aim is to enable machines to perceive their environment and to enable users to interact with machines as intuitively as possible.

Multi-modal interaction, movement analysis, head-up displays, head-mounted displays.

RF equipment & services

Keysight network analyzers, R&S spectrum analyzers, RF R&S generators, RF chambers, and other cutting edge technologies.

A range of EMC tests and equipment available.

Test engineer, Workplace rental, pre-certification, EMC analysis, RF training.

Wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) communication


Development of radio communication systems with low operating costs.

Ad hoc sensor networks, synchronous communication, long-distance, Automatic meter reading (AMR), ISM frequency band.

Energy consumption management

Development of low-consumption electronic systems; hardware, software and system design.

Power aware – Energy Harvesting

Large-scale optimization

Development of efficient problem-solving methodology for highly complex logistics problems.

Heuristics, decision-making support, optimization, logistics.