The SSSU-IM aims to train a new generation of leaders who will have the competencies to collaborate in multicultural teams, lead geographically dispersed organizations (HQs-Subsidiary, International Joint-Ventures or Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions) and partner with stakeholders in host markets.

The SSSU is a unique and innovative four-week course which focuses on four themes of key relevance for Sino-Swiss business collaboration:

  • Doing Business in China/ Switzerland
  • Internationalization strategy and implementation
  • Innovation and international entrepreneurship
  • Agility & creativity in multicultural teams

By the end of the SSSU, the participants will be able to:

  • Design strategies to leverage cultural differences in teams for agility, creativity and innovation
  • Distinguish and apply an appropriate communication approach to build, maintain and recover trust
  • Cultivate identity leadership to ensure a strong team identity
  • Develop capacity to start business in foreign markets

To reach our objectives, the SSSU connects 8-10 students from the University of Shanghai with 8-10 students from the HEIG-VD for four weeks:

  • two weeks in Switzerland and two weeks in Shanghai.