General objectives

The Sino-Swiss Summer University has been launched to develop a new generation of leaders who will possess the necessary competencies to effectively work in both Swiss and Chinese companies. The objective is to provide students with insights into the internationalization processes of Western and Eastern multinational corporations (MNCs) as well as insights into the challenges faced in multicultural teams. This will be achieved through:

  1. Connecting globally: a)Chinese future leaders are put in touch with Swiss “hidden national champions”; b) Swiss future leaders are put in touch with Chinese national champions.
  2. Connecting academia: courses co-taught by Swiss and Chinese lecturers. Exchange of teaching and research.
  3. Connecting Chinese and Swiss students: group project and extracurricular activities.

Specific objectives


  • to increase awareness of one's own culture,
  • to provide insight into other cultures,
  • to diagnose culture.

Cross-cultural communication:

  • to understand the impact of culture and identity on your communication preferences,
  • to provide guidelines on solving conflicts resulting from miscommunication: oral, written business documents, and negotiation,
  • to understand obstacles to intercultural communication in specific cases, e.g.: multicultural and virtual teams, M&As, and multinational companies abroad,
  • to develop skills that improve competence in intercultural business communication.

Cross-cultural management

  • to demonstrate how culture affects management practice,
  • to understand how culture affects one’s own cultural communication,
  • to provide guidelines on managing cultural differences as individuals, teams and organizations.