Post-SSSU experience at the HEIG-VD

  • 2017: in progress – Harry Delgado on Swiss SMEs in Korea in collaboration with swissnex South Korea.
  • 2017: in progress – Vincent Sacco on networking in China, in collaboration with the Shanghai University.
  • 2016: Etude de faisabilité d'une création d'une Chambre de Commerce du Brésil en Suisse Romande, by René Duc.
  • 2016: Analyze the internationalization strategies of Swiss "Born Globals" in Brazil to identify key success factors, by Claudia Gaspar Fernando. Two month stay at swissnex Brazil.
  • 2015: Brazilian banks’ internationalization strategies: case study of two Brazilian banks entering the Swiss private banking market, by Leslie Bent. Award winning thesis: 1) Best Thesis Award of the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO) and 2) School of Business and Engineering Vaud. Two-month stay at swissnex Brazil.